Important Information About Toms River, NJ

Toms River is a small town of 89,409 people. It’s a close knit community sitting along the New Jersey coastline that offers its residents everything they could want or need for pristine living. Residents enjoy low crime rates, close proximity to the big city, quaint lifestyles, fun activities, and family-focused adventures. If you are ready to make your home in Toms River, find a local realty company toms river nj to help find your new home.

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How Much Does a Home Cost?

If you want to buy a Toms River home, you’re in luck. Most of the empty properties in the area are for sale. The average median price for a single-family home in the area is about $284,300, but there are homes priced less and more than this price. Toms River has several great neighborhoods that you might want to call your own, which affect the costs of your home.

A Peaceful Life

Toms River crime rates are 15% lower than the national average. You can live the good life in Toms River, free of the worry that crime presents to a community. You feel safe, secure, and confident day in and day out when you are a resident of this great community. Plus, if you love the small town life, Toms River won’t disappoint.

Fun Nearby

Of course, everyone needs a dose of the big city now and again. Thankfully, Toms River is within an hour’s drive of major destinations like Newark and NYC, so when the bright likes and tall buildings fascinate you, they’re all close by for your enjoyment. Of course Toms River offers its residents plenty of things to see and do as well, so there’s really no reason to travel out of town.

Life is good in Toms River. Make yourself and your family a part of that goodness and find your Toms River home as soon as possible.